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MassHousing works with responsible, committed lenders to make our affordable loans available to Massachusetts homebuyers. Contact a loan officer or partner lender on the lists below and ask for a MassHousing mortgage!

Top MassHousing Loan Originators

Listed below are the top originators of MassHousing Mortgage loans in the 2021 fiscal year.

Diamond Level Lenders: 50+ Loans Originated

License Number Loan Originator Lender
41008 Denise Ann Peach Total Mortgage Services, LLC
441889 Jamie Pollard Academy Mortgage Corporation
22400 Eileen Hennessey Academy Mortgage Corporation
490282 Chad Rankin Residential Mortgage Services, INC.
38803 Trevor McFarland Residential Mortgage Services, INC.
1094433 Katie Weldon Total Mortgage Services, LLC
188551 Anne Borghesani First Home Mortgage Corporation

Platinum Level Lenders: 40-49 Loans Originated

License Number Loan Originator Lender
29352 Maria Luker Salem Five Cents Savings Bank

Gold Level Lenders: 30-39 Loans Originated

License Number Loan Originator Lender
522509 Kenneth J Askins Mortgage Network, Inc.
19006 Kate Reagan Residential Mortgage Services, INC.
454888 Steve Chu Bank of Canton
41453 Andres Benitez Speaks Second LanguageEspañol Guaranteed Rate, Inc.
1629205 Ricky John Simoneau Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation
20421 Mike Nadeau First Home Mortgage Corporation
35291 Maria Medeiros Speaks Second LanguageEspañol/Português Residential Mortgage Services, INC.

Silver Level Lenders: 20-29 Loans Originated

License Number Loan Originator Lender
156393 Adam Moore Academy Mortgage Corporation
2611 Todd Glidden
(Now with Guaranteed Rate)
Total Mortgage Services, LLC
1682679 Anthony Manganiello Total Mortgage Services, LLC
135889 Jason Jean Academy Mortgage Corporation
16301 Dena Barber Residential Mortgage Services, INC.
441871 Elle Scali Salem Five Cents Savings Bank
493847 Katya Magee Mortgage Network, Inc.
699976 Elise Bare Residential Mortgage Services, INC.
6957 Louise Larocque Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation
753220 Natalia Berbesi Speaks Second LanguageEspañol Salem Five Cents Savings Bank
1074264 Katherine Castro Eardley Speaks Second LanguageEspañol Mortgage Network, Inc.
19241 Mary T Quesnel Mortgage Network, Inc.
454909 Gary A Premo Bank of Canton
7206 Shant Banosian Guaranteed Rate, Inc.

Bronze Level Lenders: 10-19 Loans Originated

License Number Loan Originator Lender
697235 Louis A Marcus Eastern Bank
41041 Brad Salerno Guaranteed Rate, Inc.
756136 Thomas Hunt Residential Mortgage Services, INC.
441851 Annemarie Tucker Academy Mortgage Corporation
66223 Nick Paleologos Envoy Mortgage Ltd
423220 Catherine N Silva The Cape Cod Five Cents Savings Bank
21107 Kevin Oliveira Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation
403115 Donna Lessard Holyoke Credit Union
704452 Wilfred Edwards Needham Bank
704400 Claudette Vickery
(Now with BankFive)
Salem Five Cents Savings Bank
303652 Brieanna Kelley Total Mortgage Services, LLC
40180 Judy DiRubio Academy Mortgage Corporation
20905 Matthew Richard Chmiel Inland Bank and Trust
1077700 Dave Dubuc Academy Mortgage Corporation
180915 Danielle Marie Souza Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation
785524 Brenda Lockhart-LeBlanc Fidelity Cooperative Bank
29861 Andrew Marquis
(Now with CrossCountry Mortgage)
Guaranteed Rate, Inc.
1619946 Christine Fiske HarborOne Mortgage, LLC
15875 Raymond B. Severance
(Now with Shamrock Home Loans)
Residential Mortgage Services, INC.
8326 Robert Abdronaios Residential Mortgage Services, INC.
1804548 Maureen Moriarty Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation
229459 Anthony John Pandolfo First Home Mortgage Corporation
12174 Ronald Wayne Olson Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation
50205 Dennis Lee Ouellette Hometown Lenders
50274 Lisa Mish Freedom Credit Union
458963 Charlene Kareta Monson Savings Bank
522516 Carrie A Hamel Mortgage Network, Inc.
655065 Sophia T Bell Total Mortgage Services, LLC
1417993 Rosa Maria Salas Speaks Second LanguageEspañol Fidelity Bank
689655 Viktorija Randall Freedom Credit Union
899637 Andrew F. Kafka Residential Mortgage Services, INC.
115158 Susan Lynne Buckley Salem Five Cents Savings Bank
1738030 Joseph Braga Guaranteed Rate, Inc.
1075370 Jack Walker Academy Mortgage Corporation
49223 Wilfredo Salvador Speaks Second LanguageEspañol CrossCountry Mortgage
505724 Joe Correia Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation
505725 Susana Neves-Coito Speaks Second LanguageEspañol/Português BankFive
1188804 John Anthony Amentola Metro Credit Union
522490 Brian N Anger Mortgage Network, Inc.
26391 Brian Lindmark Total Mortgage Services, LLC