Energy Saver Home Loan Program (ESHLP)

Reduce your carbon footprint while making improvements to your home

The Energy Saver Home Loan Program (ESHLP) helps eligible Massachusetts homeowners cut their energy use and reduce or eliminate their reliance on fossil fuels. The ESHLP provides eligible homeowners with the following benefits:

  • Low interest rate, second mortgage loans that support a variety of energy-related home improvements
  • Financing at your project's start. No cash down, no waiting for rebates or incentive payments
  • Free end-to-end support through all aspects of the home improvement process, loan closing and post-construction
  • Identification and coordination of all available incentives, rebates and other credits

Interested in an Energy Saver Home Loan?

Energy Saver Home Loans are made in partnership with Concierge Service Providers (CSPs), who will guide you through all aspects of the home energy improvement process.

Contact the CSP for your community to confirm your eligibility for the ESHLP and discuss next steps.

If you live in... Contact

Andover, Haverhill, Lawrence, Methuen, North Andover

All In Energy

Barnstable County, Dukes County, Nantucket County

Cape Light Compact

All other Massachusetts communities

Center for Eco Technology (CET)

How the ESHLP Works

Interested in financing energy-efficient improvements to your home through the ESHLP? Here’s how it works:

  1. You connect with the Concierge Service Provider (CSP) who serves your community
  2. The CSP determines your eligibility and connects you with an Energy Service Provider (ESP)
  3. The ESP conducts an assessment of your home, creates a decarbonization plan and works with you to select a contractor
  4. The CSP helps you select a lender and apply for your loan
  5. The CSP, ESP and MassHousing provide you with support throughout the life of your project
  6. Once your loan has closed, you make your monthly payments to MassHousing
  7. MassHousing acts as the Escrow Agent and manages the disbursement of your funds

Ready to get started? Contact the Concierge Service Provider (CSP) for your community.

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Who is eligible for the ESHLP?

To be eligible for an Energy Saver Home Loan, you must meet several requirements.

  • Do you have an income of $191,700 or less?
  • Are you looking to improve a 1-4 family home?
  • Is the home your primary residence?

If you answered YES to these questions, you may be eligible for an Energy Saver Home Loan! Contact the Concierge Service Provider (CSP) for your community from the list above to get started!

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Eligible Home Improvements

ESHLP loans provide flexible financing for a wide range of residential clean energy projects that support emissions reduction and healthier homes. Your Concierge Service Provider will review potential improvements as part of the intake and evaluation process.

Eligible homeowners may use Energy Saver loans to finance health and safety improvements such as roof replacement and oil tank removal, home weatherization, electrical system upgrades, heat pumps, new efficient appliances and fixtures, and installation of rooftop solar panels, battery storage and EV charging stations.

To receive financing through the program, home improvements must reduce total energy usage by at least 20 percent.

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Benefits of Home Energy improvements

Home energy improvements can result in

  • Lower energy usage
  • Increased comfort and improved indoor air quality
  • Reduced carbon footprint

Did you know?

  • Residential and commercial buildings are responsible for 30% of greenhouse gas emissions in Massachusetts?
  • 60% of all building emissions are from 1-4 family homes?
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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I live to apply for an Energy Saver Home Loan?

Homeowners in every municipality in Massachusetts are welcome to apply for Energy Saver Home Loans, if they meet the following criteria:

  • The homeowner makes less than $191,700
  • The homeowner owns a 1-4 family residence in Massachusetts
  • The home is the homeowner's primary residence

What is the interest rate on Energy Saver Home Loans?

The interest rate will depend on the borrower's income and will apply to the full amount of the loan covering all of the selected measures. Your CSP will provide additional information about the loan terms.

Can I select my own contractor to perform the work, or do I have to use the suggested contractor?

Homeowners must select a contractor from a list of pre-vetted contractors recommended by the Energy Service Provider. The MCCB is happy to pass along any recommended contractors for the Energy Service Provider's considerations to be vetted and added to the contractor list, so please reach out.

Who are the approved lenders affiliated with the program?

Energy Saver Home Loans are made through number of lenders located across Massachusetts. Your CSP will connect you with a participating lender who serves your community.

I filled out the form on the website and haven’t heard back yet!

Thank you for your patience! If you filled out a form on the MCCB website before May 15, the Concierge Service Provider will call you between May 15 and May 22 with more information. If you have not been contacted by May 22, please call us at 888-643-6432.

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