Diversity & Inclusion
Welcome to MassHousing’s Diversity & Inclusion Division
April 17, 2020

A photo of Andrea Laing, Director of Diversity & Inclusion at MassHousingWelcome to MassHousing’s Diversity & Inclusion page. Please take a moment to review our programs, vision and mission statement.

MassHousing is a self-sustaining entity and an integral part of the Commonwealth’s economic engine. Our lending and programs generate billions of dollars for the regional economy each year. One of our principal goals is to ensure that local, small and diverse businesses share in that growth.

The Diversity & Inclusion Division administers multiple programs including supplier diversity, property management, construction, business and workforce diversity as well as a mentor program with the Boston Public School Community. We provide technical assistance and compliance initiatives associated with MassHousing’s Minority/Women Business Enterprise programs.

Diversity & Inclusion works enthusiastically to develop staff both internally and externally. We strive to enhance awareness of the Commonwealth’s diverse business owners and programs throughout our organization.

Thank you for your time and commitment.

Andrea Laing
Director of Diversity & Inclusion