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Hoarding Resources

On this page, you'll find a number of links, organizations and other resources to help you address hoarding.

Clutter Image Rating App

Boston University has created an iPhone/iPad app for its Clutter Image Rating.

Massachusetts Hoarding Resource Directory

The Massachusetts Hoarding Resources Directory, which lists individuals, organizations and groups to help you confront hoarding, is now available. Download the Directory today.

Hoarding Best Practices Guide

The Hoarding Best Practices Guide offers expertise and guidance on addressing hoarding. Download the Guide.

 Upcoming Events, Trainings and Opportunities
Document  Buried in Treasures Anti-Clutter Group | Bedford | Fall 2015
Document  Buried in Treasures Workshop | Cambridge | September 26
Document  De-Clutterers' Group | Lynn | October 2015
Document  De-Clutterers' Group | North Shore | September 2015
Document  Hoarding Resources | Marlboro | October 15
Document  MetroWest Support Groups | Marlborough and Hudson
Document  Monthly Family Hoarding Support Group | Marlborough
 General Information
Document  Definition of Hoarding
Document  Hoarding Fact Sheet
Document  Hoarding Presentation: Hampden County Hoarding Task Force
Document  Hoarding: Best Practices Guide
Document  Hoarding: What it is, Consequences and Intervention
Document  Massachusetts Hoarding Fact Sheet
Document  Who Needs to Be Involved in Compulsive Hoarding
 Statewide Steering Committee and MA Hoarding Task Forces
Document  Local Hoarding Task Force Initiative Grants, FY 2015 Final Report
Document  Statewide Steering Committee on Hoarding: Goals
Document  Statewide Steering Committee on Hoarding, Contact Information
Document  Massachusetts Local Hoarding Task Forces
Document  FY16 Local Hoarding Task Force Awards
 Publications & Research
Document  Hoarding Bibliography List
Web Link  Smith Prof Shapes Help for Local 'Hoarders'
Document  Prevalence and correlates of hoarding behavior
Web Link  The Hoarding Handbook
 Animal Hoarding
Document  Animal Care Checklist for Caseworkers.doc
Document  Animal Hoarding: What Caseworkers Need to Know