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Supporting the Commonwealth

Not only does MassHousing not rely on taxpayer funds, we are actually a net contributor to the Commonwealth. Since fiscal year 2003, MassHousing has provided more than $280 million to the Executive branch to offset budget cuts or to supplement existing housing programs:

  • $100 million in the form of the MassHousing Priority Development Fund, which spurred production of new rental housing
  • A $40 million contribution to the Commonwealth's Affordable Housing Trust Fund
  • A $15 million contribution to the Commonwealth's Workforce Housing program
  • A $7.5 million contribution to the Commonwealth's homelessness prevention program
  • $23.5 million to offset cuts to the Commonwealth's Rental Voucher Program
  • $100 million to offset budget cuts to the 13A*, SHARP and R-DAL housing programs

*MassHousing has committed to absorb expenses in the 13A program through fiscal year 2020 and those future costs are included in the $100 million figure.