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Property Managers

MassHousing offers property managers and residents a variety of programs and resources to promote education, safety, equality and diversity.

Tenant Assistance Program (TAP)

A unique and cost-effective way to improve and sustain your affordable housing community, TAP offers a variety of programs and benefits:

Hoarding Resources

Information, resources, task forces and tools to help address hoarding.

Fair Housing Resources

MassHousing is committed to providing accessible, barrier-free housing.

Youth RAP

A diverse program for young residents of MassHousing properties.

DMH/DDS Set-Aside Program

Help provide housing for clients of the DMH and DDS.

Common Tasks

Complete a number of reporting and accounting requests online.

MassHousing Rental Portal

Developers, property managers, general contractors and other rental partners can interact with us on our rental business portal, masshousingrental.com.

Community Connections

Find the latest news, events and announcements from our Community Services Department in the Community Connections newsletter.