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Top MassHousing Loan Originators

Listed below are the top originators of MassHousing Mortgage loans in calendar year 2018. You may also view our full list of participating lenders.

Platinum Level Lenders

License Number Loan Originator Company
699976 Elise D. Bare Residential Mortgage Services, Inc.
441889 James C. Pollard Academy Mortgage Corporation
29613 George T. Koutsos CrossCountry Mortgage, Inc.
66223 Nicholas Paleologos Envoy Mortgage Ltd
41008 Denise A Peach Village Mortgage Company
(Now with Total Mortgage Services LLC)

Gold Level Lenders

License Number Loan Originator Company
29861 Andrew Marquis Guaranteed Rate, Inc.
35213 Savvas Fetfatsidis Guaranteed Rate, Inc.
303652 Brieanna Kelley Village Mortgage Company
(Now with Total Mortgage Services LLC)
38803 Trevor McFarland Residential Mortgage Services, Inc.
7206 Shant Banosian Guaranteed Rate, Inc.
188551 Ann Marie Borghesani First Home Mortgage Corporation
522509 Kenneth Askins Mortgage Network, Inc
22400 Eileen A Hennessey Academy Mortgage Corporation
50205 Dennis Ouellette Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation
19301 William B. Murphy Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation
15875 Raymond B Severance Residential Mortgage Services, Inc.
490282 Robert Chad Rankin Residential Mortgage Services, Inc.
1094433 Kathryn Weldon Village Mortgage Company
(Now with Total Mortgage Services LLC)
414897 Patrica G. Lynch Bridgewater Savings Bank
756139 Christine Vangel Johnson Residential Mortgage Services, Inc.
50274 Lisa Mish Español Freedom Credit Union
156393 Adam Moore Academy Mortgage Corporation
45863 Konstantina Papanatoniou CrossCountry Mortgage, Inc.

Silver Level Lenders

License Number Loan Originator Company
19006 Katheryn Meredith Reagan-Talbot Residential Mortgage Services, Inc.
29352 Maria Luker Salem Five Cents Savings Bank
505724 Joe Correia Português Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation
16301 Dena Barber Residential Mortgage Services, Inc.
719017 Emily Rose DeGray Residential Mortgage Services, Inc.
49223 Wilfredo Salvador Español CrossCountry Mortgage, Inc.
402183 David C. Frechette Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation
493847 Katya Magee Mortgage Network, Inc
20592 Robert S Melone Radius Financial Group, Inc.
151080 Sean P Fleming Washington Trust Mortgage Company, LLC
402184 Steve Bylund Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation
380664 Amy L Wortzman Español Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation
41314 Kenneth Gonye Salem Five Cents Savings Bank
49193 Douglas Blake Perry CrossCountry Mortgage, Inc.
358154 David Michael Stuart Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation
46922 Brandon Pratt CrossCountry Mortgage, Inc.
153852 Jessica Correa Paquette Português Guaranteed Rate Affinity, LLC
1078711 John Joseph Shanley V Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation
40180 Judith E DiRubio Academy Mortgage Corporation
41225 Mary Elizabeth O'Keefe Residential Mortgage Services, Inc.
1112025 Derek Da Silva Align Credit Union
31357 Jeffory S. Wright Jeanne D’Arc Credit Union
292495 Paul K Faggioli Residential Mortgage Services, Inc.

Bronze Level Lenders

License Number Loan Originator Company
23469 Cheryl Smith Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation
704428 Michael Kidwell Leader Bank, National Association
1098496 Edlira Avdulla Albanian Rockland Trust Company
46314 Josh Frias CrossCountry Mortgage, Inc.
(Now with Fairway Independent Mortgage Corp.)
113914 Jeffery J Nadeau Salem Five Cents Savings Bank
50138 Jamieson Burgoyne Fidelity Co-operative Bank
505725 Susana Neves Coito Español | Português Fall River Five Cents Savings Bank
785524 Brenda Lockhart-LeBlanc Fidelity Co-operative Bank
1077700 Dave Dubuc Academy Mortgage Corporation