Making Home Affordable

An important message from MassHousing on the federal refinance & loan modification program

President Obama's Making Home Affordable Program is designed to assist homeowners in refinancing or modifying their existing mortgage to avoid foreclosure.

Homeowners should...

Do you want to refinance your mortgage?

MassHousing is not a lender and does not directly originate loans. We do, however, work with numerous institutions within the lending community who we entrust to offer refinancing options, such as the MassHousing Mortgage refinance program.

MassHousing Borrowers

If you are MassHousing borrower and are behind on your mortgage payments or are having difficulty making your mortgage payments, please contact MassHousing's Mortgage Servicing Center as soon as possible:

We have a long-standing policy of working directly with borrowers who fall behind on their payments. MassHousing does not work with third-party, for-profit loan workout companies that require you to pay for their services.

Escalation Resolution

If you feel you have been unfairly denied foreclosure prevention alternatives, please call our escalation department toll-free at 888.843.6432.

The following is a summary of MassHousing's service commitment to provide fair consideration and timely resolution of the escalation process: