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Rental Property Owners and Managers

MassHousing supports the owners and management staff of hundreds of rental housing communities across Massachusetts.

A photo of MassHousing and property management staff during an Asset Management Review; ©Mike Ritter

MassHousing and property management company staff during an Asset Management Review.

Financing opportunities

MassHousing works with property owners to develop creative refinancing options that

  • Preserve long-term affordability for residents
  • Fund upgrades to the properties, including energy efficiency improvements

To learn more about our refinancing options for owners of affordable and mixed-income rental housing, visit our rental business portal, MassHousingRental.com.

Management oversight

MassHousing takes a proactive approach to overseeing its rental housing portfolio. Our staff

  • Conducts annual reviews of the physical and financial condition of more than 500 MassHousing-financed rental housing developments
  • Oversees millions of dollars of state and federal subsidies that support these apartments

Support for staff, residents

MassHousing takes a proactive approach to fostering strong housing communities. We facilitate

For more information, or for forms and documents related to working with MassHousing, please visit our rental business portal, www.masshousingrental.com.