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Residents of MassHousing rental communities

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A photo of the Carter family, MassHousing renters; ©Mike Ritter

"Me and my family are forever grateful for this opportunity." --Nicole Carter, Resident of The Apartments at 165 Winter, Haverhill. Read her story.

Thousands of families across Massachusetts reside in safe, affordable apartments financed and/or overseen by MassHousing.

Our role

MassHousing works with private property management companies to ensure the ongoing physical and financial health at each development in our portfolio.


MassHousing staff conduct annual property inspections and financial reviews, identify potential issues and then work with property managers to develop and implement solutions.

Resident and staff support

Through our Community Services Department, MassHousing supports residents and staff of rental communities in our portfolio. Community Services offers

Comments, questions and concerns

Residents of rental communities in MassHousing’s portfolio should submit comments, questions and concerns to the attention of their property management staff. If you do not feel that your concerns are being adequately addressed, please email us at rentalmgmt@masshousing.com. Be sure to include the property name.

We've helped thousands of families buy a home in Massachusetts. Learn more about the homebuying process and how MassHousing can help you achieve the dream of owning your own home.