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Green Corner at MassHousing

Greening Affordable Multifamily Housing

A photo of energy efficiency improvements being made at Castle Square Apartments in Boston

A deep-energy retrofit at Castle Square Apartments in Boston's South End dramatically reduced energy consumption at the 500-unit community. MassHousing provided $54 million in financing for the project.

MassHousing believes that fostering and supporting environmental sustainability in housing is a fundamental aspect of responsible lending and asset management. Energy and water conservation, air quality and climate change resiliency address critical aspects of the cost of operating housing, quality of life for residents and environmental imperatives. These topics also raise important issues related to the cost/benefit analysis of additional initial capital costs, reliable data on cost and savings, and sorting through the evolving science of environmental sustainability and regulation.

To respond to the aspirational goals of environmental sustainability as well as pragmatic cost/benefit metrics, MassHousing is working to establish an Environmental Sustainability Agenda for Multifamily Housing. As this initiative moves forward, MassHousing will use this page to post information on the programs, resources and opportunities related to our Environmental Sustainability Agenda.

Panel Discussions

In general, the affordable multifamily industry rapidly is developing awareness of the importance and benefits of environmental sustainability strategies, as well as expertise in implementing such measures. But such growth has been uneven, and is still overly dependent upon any given developer having the resources to have an in-house advocate for such an agenda. As one step toward more fully developing increased awareness of the issues and of the expertise in this arena across our industry, MassHousing launched a series of workshops and roundtable discussions with owners and operators.

Panel Discussion Resources and Information

Information, resources and links from past discussions can be found below:

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