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Community Services/Tenant Assistance Program

MassHousing has long believed that creating strong and healthy housing communities requires a commitment beyond bricks and mortar, dollars and cents.

A photo from a TAP Resident Program ©Mike Ritter

A TAP Resident Program, "The Carnivale Comes to You".

TAP, the Tenant Assistance Program

By enrolling their sites in TAP, MassHousing’s Tenant Assistance Program, rental developments in the Agency's portfolio are able to access

TAP has operated for more than 30 years and is offered statewide. Hundreds of developments enroll each year, all for just $10/unit/year. Learn more about TAP.

Supporting young residents

Since it began at seven properties in Boston in 1991, the Youth Resident Activities Program, or Youth RAP, has addressed the chronic lack of resources for young residents of MassHousing communities. Now offered statewide and year-round, Youth RAP provides

  • Educational support (i.e., GED, tutoring, ESL, after-school)
  • Recreational activities
  • Programs that promote youth leadership, self-esteem and respect
  • Cultural/educational activities
  • Violence prevention/dispute resolution
  • Part-time or summer jobs

Learn more about Youth RAP.

DMH/DDS Set-Aside Program

Through the DMH/DDS Set-Aside Program, property owners set aside 3% of all low- and moderate-income units for referrals from the Departments of Mental Health (DMH) and Developmental Services (DDS). The program, which began in 1978, has resulted in more than 500 units in MassHousing-financed developments being reserved for clients of the DMH and DDS.

Learn more about the DMH/DDS Set-Aside Prorgam.

Homelessness Prevention through the Tenancy Preservation Program

The Tenancy Preservation Program (TPP) brings together numerous agencies and organizations and works to prevent homelessness among people with disabilities. TPP acts as a neutral party between landlord and tenant, and provides clinical consultation services to the Housing Court. The program targets instances where a disability is directly related to the reason for eviction and works to maintain the tenancy. If the tenancy cannot be preserved, TPP coordinates the tenant's transition to a more appropriate placement, preventing homelessness whenever possible.

Learn more about the Tenancy Preservation Program.

Center for Community Recovery Innovations

MassHousing's Center for Community Recovery Innovations (CCRI) has awarded more than $10 million in grants for the creation or preservation of more than 2,100 units of substance-free housing in 50 communities, serving recovery populations that include men, women, families, Veterans, the homeless and ex-offenders.

Learn more about CCRI.