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Top MassHousing Loan Originators

Listed below are the top originators of MassHousing Mortgage loans in the 2017 fiscal year (July 1, 2016-June 30, 2017). You may also view our full list of participating lenders.

Gold Lenders: 31-40 loans

Gold Level Lenders: 31-40 Loans Originated

License Number Loan Originator Company
7206 Shant Banosian Guaranteed Rate, Inc.
551984 Rico A Conforti St. Anne Credit Union
29861 Andrew L Marquis Guaranteed Rate, Inc.
699976 Elise Bare Residential Mortgage Services, INC.
Silver Lenders: 21-30 loans

Silver Level Lenders: 21-30 Loans Originated

License Number Loan Originator Company
38803 Trevor Michael McFarland Residential Mortgage Services, INC.
29613 George Koutsos CrossCountry Mortgage, Inc.
49948 Vernon Miles Residential Mortgage Services, INC.
Bronze Lenders: 10-20 loans

Bronze Level Lenders: 10-20 Loans Originated

License Number Loan Originator Company
153852 Jessica Correa Paquette PHH Home Loans, LLC
22400 Eileen A Hennessey Academy Mortgage Corporation
32750 Kelly J Lizotte Security First Mortgage Funding LLC
50274 Lisa Mish Lee Bank
1001300 Joshua Fasshauer Evolve Bank and Trust
181090 Sean Carroll McCarthy Salem Five Cents Savings Bank
146252 Marcus J Sohn Leader Bank, National Association
15875 Raymond B Severance Residential Mortgage Services, INC.
763685 Kaylin Choquette Adams Community Bank
26503 John Pace Guaranteed Rate, Inc.
413467 Trip Miller Guaranteed Rate, Inc.
441889 James C Pollard Academy Mortgage Corporation
66223 Nicholas Paleologos Envoy Mortgage Ltd
6957 Louise Larocque PHH Home Loans, LLC
113914 Jeffrey J Nadeau Salem Five Cents Savings Bank
19301 William B Murphy Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation
21318 Mary Rosella loanDepot.com, LLC dba Mortgage Master
290107 Harry E Ogden Mortgage Financial Services
485406 Jennifer C Oldfield Bristol County Savings Bank
987162 Marge Pero Lee Bank
1078711 John Shanley Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation
16301 Dena Barber Residential Mortgage Services, INC.
18978 John Dahlinger Merrimack Mortgage Company
27297 Jeffrey Paul Palermo CrossCountry Mortgage, Inc.
29352 Maria Luker Salem Five Cents Savings Bank
522509 Kenneth Askins Mortgage Network, Inc
592827 Susan M. Seaver Florence Savings Bank
704428 Michael Kidwell Leader Bank, National Association
23715 Ann Schwartz HomeBridge Financial Services, Inc.
31357 Jeff Wright Jeanne DArc Credit Union
697237 Stephen Palombi Meetinghouse Co-operative Bank
812253 Sharon Hamel Holyoke Credit Union