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Home Ownership Audio and Video

MassHousing regularly undertakes marketing and advertising campaigns to raise awareness of our products and programs for homebuyers and homeowners. We advertise on television and radio, online, in newspapers and other publications, among other venues.

Listed below are just some of the radio, television and video spots created by MassHousing to promote our homeownership products and programs.

Web Link  Spring 2017 Homebuyer Ad (English)
Web Link  Spring 2017 Homebuyer Ad (Spanish)
Web Link  New lending options for Veterans - REAL Estate Talk Boston
Web Link  Busting the 20% down myth - REAL Estate Talk Boston
Web Link  Meet Jose Baez, MassHousing Borrower
Web Link  Meet Karen Jenkins, MassHousing Borrower
Web Link  Introduction to MassHousing's Home Ownership Programs

Still Have Questions?

A photo of MassHousing's Rich Petisce

Do you have questions about the homebuying process or about our products and programs for homebuyers? Ask Rich, MassHousing's resident mortgage and homebuying expert!

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