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Can I?

Your path toward homeownership begins by asking yourself one simple question: Can I?

Can I afford a home? Can I get a good mortgage? Can I find a house that is right for me and my family? Can I avoid pitfalls along the way?

Homebuyer profile: The Baez family

A photo of JOse Baez and family

"For anyone who has any doubts about MassHousing, they made the process easy. I didn't think it was ever possible to own our own home." Continue reading...

Homebuyer Video Series

Thinking of buying a home? Get started on the path to homeownership with this 9-part video series.

Homebuying Assessment

To begin answering these questions, and to determine if buying a house is right for you, use MassHousing's Homebuyer Assessment.

Next Steps

To determine if you CAN buy a home, you must first understand your finances and the possible home options.

Step 1: What Can I Afford?

Knowing what you can afford will help you move forward with confidence.

Step 2: Finding an Affordable Property?

There are many housing types to consider when searching for a home.

Quick Links

Myths vs. Reality

Worried that homeownership is too hard or risky? Check out our homebuying myths vs. realities.


For more details on all aspects of buying a home, check our eight-step How to Buy a Home Guide.

Helpful Resources

Still Have Questions?

Do you have questions about the homebuying process or about our products and programs for homebuyers? Ask Mircia, MassHousing's resident mortgage and homebuying expert!

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