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Home Ownership

Whether owning a home is your dream, your reality or part of your past, MassHousing can help you move forward.

Still Have Questions?

Have questions about the homebuying process or our products and programs for homebuyers? Ask Mircia, MassHousing's homebuying expert!

TEL: 888.843.6432 | Email
Monday-Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Hiring a Contractor?

Thinking of remodeling or improving your home? Before you begin, know your rights under the Home Improvement Contractor Law.

Can I?

I'm not sure I can buy a home.


I'm thinking about my first steps.


I'm looking for support in the process.


I'm hitting challenges along the way.

Current Homeowner

I want to rehab or refinance my home.

Former Homeowner

I'm looking to get back into a home.


I'm looking to advise my clients.

Community Partners

I'm looking for resources to share.


I represent a lending institution.