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Help for Homeowners

MassHousing offers a number of products and resources for homeowners living in Massachusetts.

Foreclosure Prevention

Access information and resources to help you avoid foreclosure and refinance into a more affordable loan.

Loans for Homeowners

Resources for Homeowners

Find agencies, organizations and information to help you face the many challenges of owning a home.

Existing MassHousing Borrowers

If you have a MassHousing loan, there are a number of tasks and information you can access online. Visit MassHousing Mortgage.

Making Home Affordable

The Making Home Affordable Program website

Learn more about the federal foreclosure prevention and loan modification program, Making Home Affordable.

Beware Foreclosure Rescue Scams

We have been alerted to a foreclosure rescue scam in which "855LAW5559" or "National Legal Help" claim to be acting in concert with the federal government. These programs do not appear to be legitimate and are likely an up-front-fee scam.

Be wary of for-profit companies that offer to help modify your mortgage and avoid foreclosure. Instead, visit these legitimate resources.