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Help for Homeowners

If you currently own a home in Massachusetts, MassHousing has a variety of useful resources and products for you to explore.

Homeowner Profile: The Southworth Family

A photo of the Southworth Family

"My children now have a safe home, my wife and I were able to secure financing to pay for it, and the state will not have to pay for special education for my children due to lead poisoning." Continue reading...

Existing MassHousing Borrowers

Use our online portal to complete a variety of tasks and access information about your MassHousing loan.

Foreclosure Prevention

Look here for information and resources to help you avoid foreclosure and refinance into a more affordable loan.

Loans for Homeowners

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Interest Rates

Pts Rate
Home Improvement
0 5%
Lead Paint Removal
0 0% or 3%*
*depending on borrower
Septic System Repair
0 0%, 3%, 5%**
**depending on income

Home Improvement Contractor Program

Thinking of remodeling or improving your home? Before you begin, know your rights under the Home Improvement Contractor Law.