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MassHousing Mortgage with Rehabilitation

A MassHousing Mortgage with Rehabilitation can help you purchase and rehabilitate a property, or refinance and rehabilitate your current home.

How to Apply

To apply for a MassHousing Mortgage with Rehabilitation, contact a participating lender or rehabilitation agency.

Income and Loan Limits

To obtain a MassHousing Mortgage with Rehabilitation, borrowers must meet income and loan limits, which vary by city or town.

Up to 50% of the "as completed" appraised value of the property can be financed toward renovation costs.


A MassHousing Mortgage with Rehabilitation features low down payment requirements. Down payment and closing cost assistance can be used in partnership with this program.

Loan Terms

  • The minimum rehabilitation amount for all property types is $7,500
  • Rehabilitation costs include the cost of repairs, as well as such expenses as inspection fees, title update fees, and a required contingency reserve equal to 10% of the total rehabilitation cost
  • If the property will not be occupied during rehabilitation, a mortgage payment reserve not to exceed six mortgage payments may be included in the cost of rehabilitation
  • The lender may charge fees as high as $1,500 based on the cost of rehabilitation
  • Licensed contractors must complete all rehabilitation work

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First Mortgage Loans

Participating Lenders & Agencies

MassHousing Mortgage with Rehabilitation loans are originated by approved banks, credit unions, lenders and local rehabilitation agencies. View a list of participating

Interest Rates

For interest rates and loan terms, please contact a participating lender.

Mortgage Insurance

For loans that require it, MassHousing offers several mortgage insurance options.

Request More Information

Still have questions about our products and services? Request more information.

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