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STARR Mentor Program

A photo of MassHousing's George Ovins and a STARR student; © Mike Ritter

MassHousing's George Ovins works with a student at the Martin Luther King Elementary School through MassHousing's STARR Mentor Program.

In 1990, MassHousing initiated a partnership with the Quincy E. Dickerman Elementary School in Boston's Dorchester neighborhood to offer the STARR (Striving Toward Academic Recognition and Respect) Mentor Program. In 2009, STARR resumed at Martin Luther King Elementary, which merged with the Dickerman School.

Through STARR, MassHousing provides

  • Staff who serve as mentors to third through fifth grade students and
  • Financial support for academic enrichment programs for the students

STARR Mentors serve

  • As classroom volunteers
  • As tutors in a weekly after-school program
  • As chaperones on weekend cultural and educational field trips

The Benefits

STARR provides benefits for students, teachers and mentors alike.

  • Students receive academic support, recognition of their achievements and access to various activities and programs
  • Parents gain camaraderie, resources and support, as well as access to events and workshops
  • Teachers get in-classroom help and access to much-needed resources and programs
  • Mentors benefit from their interactions with students and teachers