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The Thomas Family

A photo of the Thomas family

© Mike Ritter

While in the process of buying a new home in Stoughton, Ben and Rebekah Thomas quickly realized it was going to be a team effort.

Working with Rockland Trust's Joel Sugarman, the couple credit the homebuyer education course they took with ultimately getting a MassHousing Mortgage and buying a home they loved that fell within their price range.

"We did the homebuyer education and it was really eye opening for me about all the ins and outs there were to what we needed to do to buy a house," said Ben, who works as a Legislative Aide at the State House. "It gave us an idea as to how much we could spend per month on a mortgage and how the value of a house translates into a mortgage payment. Without that homebuyer course and guidance from Rockland Trust I don't know how we would have done it."

Ben and Rebekah, who works for a Waltham-based non-profit organization, purchased their home with a MassHousing Lender Paid Mortgage Insurance (LPMI) loan with a 3% down payment.

"We did 3% down and Rockland Trust made sure that we had savings built up for after we moved into the house because they knew we would face some expenses as homeowners," said Ben. "The LPMI loan ended up being less expensive for us. In comparing some other products, the LPMI is saving us about $200 a month on our mortgage payment. Because of that, we've been able to start some renovations on the house."

Ben added that both he and his wife have master's degrees and Rockland Trust also helped them with some issues involving their student loan debt. Still, their homebuying process went smoothly overall.

"We were able to buy a single-family home and we wanted something with character, which we got," said Ben. "We got some great advice from Rockland Trust. We were grateful to have a great team behind us."

Sugarman said he was pleased to be able to help Ben and Rebekah through their home buying experience.

"Nothing in my profession yields the sense of fulfillment better than guiding a new young family through the home acquisition and financing process toward obtaining the American Dream of homeownership," he said. "Adding value and assisting Rebekah and Benjamin was my American Dream in that I learned they give back unselfishly on a daily basis and found them to be friendly and responsive clients throughout the entire process. I am also thankful that MassHousing has such great loan offerings for borrowers like Rebekah and Ben.”

With a baby daughter in their new home, the couple is enjoying being homeowners.

"It's wonderful," said Ben. "We are very pleased about the whole process and the home we were able to buy."