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The Southworth Family

A photo of the Southworth Family

© Mike Ritter

When Bill Southworth and his wife Ashley Lynch-Mahoney of Quincy took their then two-year-old son Kevin for a routine physical, they were shocked to learn a blood test had concluded Kevin had been lead poisoned.

Within a day of receiving the distressing test result, the family was visited by a representative of the Massachusetts Department of Public Health's Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Program. Working with MassHousing and Neighborhood Housing Services in Quincy, which originates loans from MassHousing's Get The Lead Out program , the family obtained the financing necessary to remove the lead from their home to protect Kevin and younger brother Jesse.

Throughout the process, Kevin's lead level dropped and continued to fall to his parents' relief.

"The Childhood Lead Poisoning Program and MassHousing's Get the Lead Out program are winners all the way around; my children now have a safe home, my wife and I were able to secure financing to pay for it, and the state will not have to pay for special education for my children due to lead poisoning," said Bill Southworth. "All of this is helped greatly by the kindness and competence of" MassHousing, the DPH and Neighborhood Housing Services, he added.