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The Cordovas

A photo of Naomi Cordova and son

© Mike Ritter

There are times Naomi Cordova still cannot believe she is a homeowner.

A lifelong renter, Naomi looked into homeownership when she was going to have a baby and was pleasantly surprised she was qualified for a MassHousing Mortgage.

"It's awesome," she said. "I rented my whole life. To be a young, single mom and to be able to purchase a home at 33 it was, like, Wow!"

An account manager for a tech company, Naomi bought a home in Brockton where her two-year-old son has his own yard to play in.

"I am often still in shock at the fact that I own a home," she said. "Homeownership seemed like such a stretch a few years ago. It was actually having my son that drove me to put in the necessary work to make homeownership possible for me."

Naomi obtained her MassHousing loan through William Raveis Mortgage working with Loan Officer Andrew van Dyk.

"When I thought I was ready I just picked up the phone and called them," Naomi said. "I spoke with a rep, answered some questions and in a few days I had a pre-approval letter for a mortgage. I couldn't believe it. They told me about a MassHousing loan that I qualified for and I was ecstatic."

Peter Fickeisen, Vice President of Sales at William Raveis agreed a MassHousing Mortgage with MassHousing's signature MIPlus® Mortgage Insurance was the best option for Naomi. MIPlus® features unemployment protection at no cost to the borrower where MassHousing will pay up to six months of principle and interest payments in the event of a job loss. Naomi also put down only 5% of her home's purchase price as a down payment and received 95% financing.

"We are very pleased that Naomi used William Raveis Mortgage for her purchase," said Fickeisen. "With all buyers, we always take our time to assess the client's needs and to make sure that they have the right product for their homeownership needs. MassHousing was it for her, and the product match was perfect. Every loan is a team effort. Everyone involved was on top of this file to ensure a smooth transaction. We couldn't have asked for a better client to work with."

Naomi is one of the few people in her family who owns a home and is "by far" the youngest.

"I take great pleasure in the little things like watching my son play in a backyard of his own home or even things that are not so fun like mowing my lawn," she said. The staff at local home improvement stores "have become my new best friends as I can now make any update and paint any wall any color in my house I want because I can and I love it."